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Today, 05 Nov 2014, 06:45PM to 07:00 PM

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Delivery and Pickup Hours

Pelican Pizza @ Yio Chu Kang

92 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore, 545572
(P) 62898488

Terms & Conditions


·       A gentle reminder to all customers to review details of the order before selecting the "Submit Order" button below.

a. Personal Details
b. Delivery Address
c. Delivery Date and Time
d. Selection of menu items


Pelican Pizza will schedule to prepare and deliver all orders solely based on the above details provided by our customers. These details will also be clearly reflected in our CONFIRMATION email which will be sent to the specified email address of our customers. Understandably, Pelican Pizza cannot be held responsible for any losses, whatsoever if the order was unable to be diligently fulfilled due to any inaccurate information provided by the customer.

·       Please do not refresh this page, or hit the back button during the checkout process.

·       Please note that there will be no change, cancellation, or refund for all orders received.


2.    Advanced Orders
a. For corporate and large orders of more than $120, please get in touch with our team at least 1-2 working days in advance so that we can schedule for the freshest possible ingredients to reach us on time to prepare your order.

b. We are currently only able to accept online orders for certain areas of the island. For customers who wish to place an order with us, but are residing / working at areas that are not applicable for placement of orders online, please contact our customer service team at least 1-2 working days in advance, with minimum spending of $120.

You may contact our team via:

Email: information@pelicanpizza.com.sg

Contact Number: 6289 8488

3.    Deadlines for Ordering
a. Only clearly specified orders which are fully paid will be able to be processed.
b. A finite number of orders will be accepted on a daily on a first-come-first-serve basis. We regret to turn down orders beyond our operational threshold to avoid the risk of poorly-fulfilled orders.


4.    Delivery
a. There is a minimum order spending for all deliveries.
b. Delivery fees varies for various locations of the island due to distance. Delivery fees will be waived off for orders more than $120.

c. For areas which are not applicable for online orders, customers can contact our customer service team to check on availability at least 1-2 working days in advance. Minimum spending of $120 is required.

d. We strive to accommodate customers’ request for specific delivery timing within our delivery time slots; we are however unable to make such guarantees due to possible scenarios such as unforeseen traffic conditions, security clearances (if any) and any incidents outside reasonable human control.
e. Upon arriving at the delivery address, our drivers will contact the customer with the contact number provided.

f. In the event that any delivery is unable to be fulfilled at the specified address given by the ordering customer due to any reason (e.g. unable to contact customer or the assigned receiver, no show, no entry to premise etc), our assigned delivery personnel will wait for a maximum of ten minutes while trying to contact the ordering customer before he/she understandably leave the delivery location to fulfil other deliveries. Extra cost will be incurred and paid in cash directly to our delivery personnel if he/she has to re-deliver the said orders which must be within the valid shelf-life by the time the re-delivery is fulfilled. In all the said situations, any undelivered/expired orders will be disposed with understandably, no compensation to the ordering customer.


5.    Pickup, In-store
a. Our customer service team will contact the customer with the contact number provided once the order is ready for pickup.

b. In the event that customers fail to pick up their orders after an hour upon contacting the customer, we reserve the right to understandably dispose any unclaimed orders with understandably, no compensation to the customer.


6.    Payments
a. We accept payments via PayPal using Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Debit cards
b. You do not require a PayPal account to be able to make payments using any of the above cards. Payment instructions will be provided during the payment process.
c. Prices of each item in our menu are shown as nett prices. Nett price includes any tax/service charges etc.
d. An additional admin fee of 5.00 will be imposed for any changes to orders due to be sent within 24 hours.


7.    Storage & Consumption
a. To ensure maximum freshness, we encourage our customers to enjoy our products within three hours upon receive.
b. We advise our customers to reheat all pizza products based on the instructions given on the pizza boxes

8.    Others
a. Pelican Pizza reserves the right to turn down orders for any reason as deemed appropriate by the team.
b. All visuals shown are for illustration purposes only. We prepare, cook, plate and serve with hygiene, pride and strive to produce each item on our menu as close as possible to our illustration.
c. Pelican Pizza reserves the right to make any changes to all prices and terms & conditions at any time, from time to time.
Selected Store

Store A

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Today, 6 June 2014

11:00am to 12:00pm

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Subtotal $1111.00
Minimum Amount $1.00
Delivery Charge $1.00